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Arrow season 2 episode 15 – Promise review

Arrow season 2 episode 15 – Promise review
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This review will more than likely contain spoilers, if you have not watched this episode yet, it is best to turn back now.

Arrow is really getting exciting now! Last episode, in a climatic end, we saw Ollie come face-to-face with Slade Wilson, after weeks of watching their slowly declining friendship through mini-flashbacks across the second season.

Promise picks up right here as the tension rises with the close proximity between Slade and Myra, you can tell Ollie just wants to get his mother away from him as soon as possible. They both pretend to not know each other and exchange words with double-meaning which Myra is oblivious to. This episode has the longest flashbacks by far, revealing more details on why their friendship has ended the way it is. Ollie is used as bait whilst Slade and Sara board the freighter by parachute. They cause a riot when they free the prisoners and begin attacking the members of the crew. Guns are firing everywhere as Ollie and Slade both make their way to find Anthony Ivo, the man responsible for killing Shado. Whilst preparing for their mission, both Ollie and Slade find what will eventually influence their present costumes. Ollie has his green hood and upper chest top? It's a top that ends just below the upper chest, what this is really called is a mystery to me. Slade finds his black and orange mask, they both wear these during the mission. Slade attacks various members of Ivo's crew, demonstrating his strength after being exposed to Mirakuru. Ollie is the one to find Ivo first, Sara had previously warned him that if Slade found him fist, then Ivo, in a desperate attempt to live, will bring up the circumstances of Shado's death. Unfortunately Slade finds out anyway from over hearing Ollie's conversation with Ivo.

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