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I have to say first of all Marvel are doing a good job so far with the second-half of the first season. This was definitely acceptable, could do with more work but compared to other episodes this is good progress. Episode twelve, Seed, is about attacks on Cadets at the Shield Academy; leading to them calling for Fitz-Simmons back, to help solve the mystery behind the attacks.

Before you read on, there are Spoilers ahead; if you have not watched this episode yet then stop reading here.

Getting right to it—this episode was very busy; with lots going on, which made it seem very similar to last week’s episode, Magical Place. This definitely did it for me right away, the story was actually interesting; the mystery aspect of it kept me wanting to find out why these kids were being attacked and who was responsible. They certainly had me fooled when it was revealed that the kids had orchestrated everything, in order to lure Fitz-Simmons back to the Academy. However when it came to revealing this secret; Agent Ward questioned the female Cadet who was there during the first attack, as soon as he questioned her about why the other kids would have been excited for a while for Fitz-Simmon’s arrival, I guessed immediately that it had to have been a set-up to get them there. I was a little disappointed that it was that obvious as soon as those words were said.

Blizzard makes a chilling entrance

The visuals with the Ice effects was quite nice, and it was good to see them blowing some budget on making it. This episode also introduced a character from the comics—the boy who created the ice machine and later was able to freeze the police car window by the touch of his finger, is Blizzard, a super villain. Let us hope that they develop his character further down-the-line because I can imagine some pretty cool things they can do with his powers.


Skye’s backstory

We also got to find out a little more about Skye’s past; what we are told is that when she was a baby, an agent and an entire village of people are killed, in order to try and get their hands on her. This agent who brought her in, risked her life to protect her. This also helped to build more of her character, because we find out from Coulson that after finding all this out, she got the answer that she was never abandoned by her family but she also had a whole family of Shield agents protecting her. It was all very touching when he said it; especially against the scene where Skye is looking at the remembrance wall at Shield Academy, of agents who died in service. It wasn’t a bad explanation but if they decide to develop it further, it would be fantastic. It would also be good to find out who was behind all those murders and why they want Skye. Does it have anything to do with this Clairvoyant, a mysterious character who was behind Coulson’s kidnapping and the Centipede storyline?


Overall this was another satisfying episode, we got to see a glimpse of what Blizzard can do, let’s hope they develop this in a later episode. We also found out more about Skye’s past, good timing and it makes me want to watch more in hope we find out even more like who is behind the murders and why they want Skye. Having the divide of groups also made the it possible to feature these two story lines in one episode; I liked this a lot, it worked in the right way it and it didn’t make the episode confusing. This is definitely a must-watch for Shield fans!

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