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Agents of Shield T.R.A.C.K.S. review and Stan Lee cameo


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This episode revolves around Agent Coulson and his team on the hunt for the man responsible for the events at the Shield Academy. Fans of Marvel and the Cinematic universe of films are also treated to a Stan Lee cameo.

Stan Lee cameo

To be honest I am not a fan of Stan Lee’s cameos in the Marvel Cinematic universe, and I am certainly not a fan of this cameo either. It was rather cringe and seemed really forced-in. His part was basically to chime-in on a conversation between Agents Simmons and Coulson, siding with Agent Simmons and telling Coulson not to miss this opportunity to redeem himself. It would not have made a difference if he was in it or not, that pretty much sums it up.

Agent Ward and May’s relationship

After Ward finds out that May had told Coulson about their relationship he decides to confront him. However he does this mid-mission which prompts this response from him, “you really want to do this now?”. Too true, why would you want to bring something like this up when the rest of the team are missing and the boss is on edge? I also don’t get why Ward has a problem with saying the word “Sex”? Coulson was right to tell him off for not being able to use the word.

Ward and May’s relationship is a very odd one, two unlikely people to ever get into anything romantic (if you can call what they have romantic of course). All they have in common is that they are both combat specialists and not letting things get in the way of the mission. The latter which makes the idea of them having sex just as weird and abnormal as any.

Project Deathlok

The big reveal for this episode is perhaps Mike Peterson returning as Deathlok; a cyborg character from the comics, who is being controlled by The Clairvoyant. I like the idea of having Deathlok in the show, however I think they should have made a him a completely new character. Mike Peterson just isn’t interesting enough for me. He has already had one change in character role, going from a random super-powered father to a Shield agent. Enough is enough, he has had his chance and he sacrificed himself to save Agent Coulson. In one scene he went to see his son from afar, it was touching indeed, made more so when Mike asked The Clairvoyant if he could see him and he was denied permission.


Deathlok is key in this episode because the very important delivery that Agent Coulson and his team are tracking turns out to be his new cybernetic leg. This leg has the “Project Deathlok” marking on it. He receives orders directly from The Clairvoyant, through a text-messaging like system within his electronic eyes.

Skye in great danger

You have to hand it to Skye in this episode, sneaking into the bad guys’ secret hideout to stop them getting away. However her bravery came at a price, she is shot twice, bleeding heavily and almost losing her life. She was thankfully saved by Agent Simmons after she ordered for her to be put into the medical chamber, which was conveniently left by Deathlok after he was activated. This is very clever of the writers but you can’t help and think, what are the chances? Agent Coulson was the first to discover Skye in danger, he was very upset when he discovered her. This shows the deep bond that Coulson has developed for Skye and is nice to see it grown since the pilot episode.

In conclusion, it wasn’t a bad episode but in comparison to the last two it definitely felt like it was slipping back to the pre-Christmas routine. The Clairvoyant’s identity still remains a mystery but I bet they will have a part in the mystery surrounding Skye’s past.

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