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Arrow Season 2 – Blind Spot review

Deathstroke makes an appearance in full-armour

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Arrow’s second season episode, Blind Spot has been much anticipated, following the trailer that was released earlier in the week.

WARNING – Spoilers ahead, do not read if you have not watched the episode yet.

After discovering that Sebastian Blood had murdered his own father and had his mother committed to a mental institution, this week Laurel sets out to uncover evidence to bring him to justice. With her own father putting down her suspicions as a way to avoid romance, she turns to the vigilante for help. However her actions have not gone unnoticed and Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) orders Sebastian to have her dealt with before he has to intervene. He calls officer Daily to help him out, who has Laurel’s apartment searched and is found to possess illegal drugs that affect her performance. She is arrested and taken to the precinct, where her father comes to shout at her for using drugs. Oliver comes to her aide by bailing her out, he begins to doubt her claims about Sebastian Blood.

When they return to Laurel’s home, Oliver is knocked unconscious and she is taken captive by what-appears-to-be Sebastian in a mask.
When Oliver comes-to, he is able to track Laurel down by the message left by Blood on Laurel’s wall. Fighting begins between The Arrow and Blood; ending with Laurel shooting Blood multiple times with his own gun. They pull-off the mask to reveal officer Daily, Sebastian is now in the clear. The conclusion of this episode sees Laurel fired from being Assistant DA.

Deathstroke finally makes an appearance

Throughout the season we have been given glimpses of flashbacks from Oliver’s time on “the island”. Most importantly we get to see the relationship between him and Slade Wilson, A.K.A. Deathstroke, develop and eventually decay. This is to also show the origins of Deathstroke and in this episode we get to finally meet Slade’s alter ego. He first appears in full-armour and murders Sebastian Blood’s two bodyguards to show him that he means business. He then tells him to not to make any mistakes again.

This is pretty much what all Arrow fans have been waiting for and especially after the trailer of this episode. He does not appear in it for long, after making quick work of the two bodyguards he is shown in full-armour and we also get to see his trademark dual-face mask (pictured above). It looks amazing, they definitely have not held back with the budget for it and I am glad.

Roy Walker’s development into the Red Arrow

We begin to see Roy exploring more of his new powers, he decides to find a bad guy and make an example of him. Roy targets a rumoured serial-killer who slices and dices prostitutes that he hires. Upon luring him into a trap, Roy starts to beat-up this killer and begins to lose-control of his powers; nearly beating the guy to death.

It’s good to see them begin to show Roy coming to his own since he was injected with Mirakuru; they have done it quite well, showing him initially fearing his new-found strength and fast healing. The killer is put into hospital and this rings alarms for Oliver. who has been monitoring him ever since the Mirakuru injection in episode ten, Blast Radius. This ultimately leads to Oliver approaching Roy and offering to help him control his new powers before he ends up like Slade. This happens right at the end and in my opinion, the best possible place to end the episode. I am so excited to find out what happens next; how will Roy begin to control this power, how will he use it and will he show-off this power a little by beating more small-time criminals? This also begs the question, will he become the Red Arrow eventually or will they create something different for the show?

Generally this was a fantastic episode however I found the trailer to be quite misleading; should I have been that surprised, given that trailers are meant to tease you and get you to watch the whole thing? I definitely thought Laurel was going to be killed and that Deathstroke will make himself known to The Arrow as the baddie behind everything in this season. This is a must-watch for all Arrow fans and I would recommend this to those who are considering begin watching it.

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