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Breaking Bad Infographic: Jesse Pinkman

Breaking Bad infographic: Top 5 Jesse Pinkman says b*tch moments

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The Breaking Bad ended on Sunday 29th September and what a spectacular finale it was. Everything was worked out and concluded nicely. Even though it is over we can still relive the best moments. One such moment or moments is when Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, saying the word b*tch throughout the show. We had an infographic designed to list the top 5 moments through the entire 5 seasons. You can view the artwork below. There was so many to choose from and so many more we want to add to the list in the future. The best moment for us has to be “Yeah B*tch! Magnets!”, used when *SPOILER ALERT* Walt, Jesse and Mike destroy Gus Fring’s laptop that is held in the Police evidence vault. *END SPOILER ALERT*. Please do check out the infographic and don’t forget to share!

Breaking Bad infographic: Top 5 Jesse Pinkman says b*tch moments

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