Britain’s Got Talent 2013 second week of auditions

Britain’s Got Talent 2013 second week of auditions

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Last night was the second episode of Britain’s Got Talent 2013, the amazing acts continue and below are the round up of the acts in the show.

AJ and Chloe

Dancers from London are the first promising act for tonights episode. Their dancing was lovely, well rehearsed and flawlessly executed. The judges gave positive comments and they got through with all four judges giving a “Yes”.

Adam and Richard

Two Brothers from North Wales, one aged twenty two and the other nineteen. They have the support of their nan with them and do not disappoint the judges and the audience. Adam opens up and a deep opera voice comes out. They begin to get cheers and applause from the audience and Simon is surprised by what he is hearing. Towards the end the crowd stand and give even louder cheers to the pair. As expected they get good feedback from the judges and are through with a “big fat yes” from Simon.

Jordan O’Keefe

Jordan is an eighteen year-old from Northern Ireland, he has a remarkable voice and able to sing with different tones and show good control of his voice. He also played the acoustic guitar in his performance which shows he is a very talented individual. He also revealed to the judges that when he applied to college he wanted to study Music but his dad contacted them and had it changed to Business Studies. The judges gave really good comments to the aspiring singer and he seems to have definitely charmed the whole room as everyone gave applause. Simon was very impressed and said that he sees good things happening for him.

Francine Lewis

Francine came onto the show to perform her Impression act. Mother of two, she started off with a very accurate impression of Stacey Solomon then followed by Amy Childs. She then did Katie Price and Holly Willoughby. She made fun of the fact that she presents quite a number of ITV shows. She then went straight in from Holly to a very good impression of Cheryl Cole, calling Simon her frenemy as she finished that act. The judges were all impressed and she had them all laughing through it. All the judges gave her a yes and is through to the next round.

MC Boy

In his backstage video he was shown to be chatting up two other contestants. As the music began he did some awkward dancing which had the audience and the judges looking confused and worried. Despite the dodgy start the whole room started to warm up to his act and he had everyone on their feet dancing to his song (he was joined on stage by Ant and Dec who were dancing as well). David also got on Simon’s end of the table and started dancing in front of him. He worked the audience really well and had everyone moving. Simon started off the voting with a no but Amanda, Alesha and David all gave a yes which means he is through.

There you have it, the major acts for this weeks show. Tonights episode didn’t seem as good as the first one despite the talent being as good. I liked how there was some different acts this weeks like AJ and Chloe’s dancing and Francine’s impressions. Many acts still got through even though they aren’t that good like MC Boy. The entertainment value he brought from the atmosphere he created and getting everyone moving was the reason why he got through. The talent looks as strong as ever and this is only the second episode in this year.

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