Britain’s Got Talent 2013 Third Auditions

Britain’s Got Talent 2013 Third Auditions

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This episode started off rather badly with bad act after bad act. For example, a dancing skater named Linda that wouldn’t stop despite all four judges pressing their buzzers. Simon even shouted her name several times to prompt her to stop. When she finally stopped David commented that she won on fighting spirit alone. The first act to begin lifting this episode was eleven year-old Asandra, who says Beyonce is her inspiration.


She chose to sing the song Diamonds by Rihanna and she performed it quite well. Complete with dancing and pulling a few good moves. However I found that her performance wasn’t personal at all, it was completely like Rihanna’s. It would be nice had she put her own spin on it. She is eleven after all so I guess she can be given a bit of a break for performing so well at her age. Alesha said that she sang at top form she hit it perfectly. She got a yes from all four judges which means she is through.


This was followed by a group called the Luminites who were a unique bunch, all with their own contributions to the overall performance. They had two vocalists and the main signers vocals was very soft and beautiful. They also had someone beat boxing who had brilliant skills and really enhanced the song. They also had another vocalist and a guitarist. The judges loved them and David even said that they were all easy on the eyes, especially the main female vocalist.

Mentalist Aaron

Leading up to his act they showed clips of other dangerous performances that didn’t quite meet up to the expectations. When he got up to the stage he was asked questions by the judges but he stood there quietly without answering any of them. He then began his act by bringing on two members of the audience, one to hold a block of wood and the other a bag. He then brought Ant onto the stage and put a pineapple above his head. After all this he poured wax over his eyes and put several layers around his face which blocks his sight.

He then proceeded to to cut each of the objects he gave to his volunteers. It was quite tense when he first attempted to cut the bag but he did it with good precision and sand started to pour out straight after. The block of wood was done quite easily with Nunchucks and it finally arrived to Ant and his pineapple. Aaron pulled out his sword and the possibility he might die made it very tense. He took caution before cutting again and took a pretty clean cut when he came to slash the fruit. He was then put through to the next round after all four judges gave a yes to him.

Robby Kennedy

Last up we have Robby Kennedy, a twenty-two year old brick layer. He plays the acoustic guitar and has performed at a few gigs with the longest one lasting only half an hour. His vocals were amazing and very unique. This all blended very well with the acoustic guitar. It didn’t start off too well with Simon asking him if he had another song. When he started his second song he had to stop to take off his capo. Despite this his second performance was really well received and got a yes from all four judge. Simon commented that he doesn’t know how good he really is.

This episode definitely isn’t as good as the first two episodes with fewer really good acts worthy of mention. It has been vocally led with three singers: Asandra, Luminites and Robby Kennedy. They all have talent and are amazing vocalists. For me the weakest would have to be Asandra, purely because she is so young and hasn’t found who she is quite yet as a performer. Luminites and Robby have fantastic voices and have that unique quality that really makes them stand out. I hope these two get a lot out of appearing on Britain’s Got Talent because they truly are gems of British talent.

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