Britain’s Got Talent returns for 2013

Britain’s Got Talent returns for 2013

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Britain’s Got Talent returns this year with the same panel from last year. Consisting of David Walliams, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and returning for another year, Simon Cowell. This first show presents some very promising acts. Listed below are the better acts shown in the highlights.

Jack Carroll

Jack is a fourteen-year old boy with Cerebral Palsy. He does stand-up and begins with a joke that the audience must be thinking Harry Potter has a had a nasty Quidditch accident. His jokes are quite funny and the way he tells them is great too. That is what also makes a good stand-up act. You are not just telling a joke but a kind of story and the way you put it across is important. This boy has got it spot on. The judges and crowds reaction was completely positive. The crowd clapped and applauded, giving a standing-ovation. The judges gave positive comments with Simon saying Jack has a great personality and he was glad to meet him. He got 4 yeses meaning he is through.

Arixsandra Libantino

Arixsandra is an eleven year-old little girl with an amazing mature singing voice. Her rendition of Jennifer Hudson’s One Night Only was simply superb. Amazing reaction from audience and judges. Audience was applauding and standing-ovation to show their appreciation. The judges gave good comments saying she is going to be a future star. With David Walliams saying that when she is a big star don’t forget them little people (referring to them, the judges). Simon’s first reaction was “O.M.G”.


Hungarian dancers using shadows created from their body shapes to create story visuals. It was a very touching act with Amanda Holden left in tears with emotion. Some of the visuals they created was very clever.

Alice Fredenham

She was also another surprise audition but from the way they were building it up you knew she wouldn’t be bad. Her voice was simply amazing, a sultry voice and it really reminds me of Amy Winehouse. Positive reaction from both judges and audience. She was crying when the judges gave feedback and gave her much praise. Simon remarked that this is his easiest Yes yet.

Gospel singers incognito

Patrick the pastor, he says he is a choir act, Simon asks him where the choir is and that if he has ate them. Everyone is in shock for him poking fun at this weight. Patrick responds by licking his fingers like he has eaten them. The crowd clap in his light-heartedness in respond to Simon’s remark.

As the act began everyone waiting in anticipation. Singers begin singing on the balcony and bit by bit the choirs begin, at different balconies. More choir singers join Patrick in stage from backstage. The signers are amazing. When the act is over, the crowd clap and cheers, Patrick sheds some tears at the joy and you can see the rest of the choir is quite emotional too at the response they got. The judges love them and think they are amazing. They were quite good, singing together and they sounded amazing.

Keri Graham

This act was a surprise, it was introduced as a chair exercise act. She was all wrapped up and wearing what appears to be sports/ gymnast clothes. In the pre audition video presented her as a family woman, with her husband and children with her. When the intro was over she took some of her layers off revealing a more sexy costume underneath. She began a lap dance act. When the act was over David suggested Simon should be sat in the chair. After peer-pressure from all the judges and audience (and David dragging him on), Simon got on the stage and sat in the chair. She and David performed a short routine, at the end she put one leg over Simon.

Other acts mentioned in the show include Dawn and Cindy, two country singers calling themselves, 2 Country. One is the others Nan. Sadly not very good but the crowd begin to clap to cheers them on. The pace was slow and as soon as the first buzzer went the rest followed very soon. The judges said they were too slow.

Next act was a very enthusiastic triangle player, pouring water over his head. There was also one very weird act with a guy doing animal noises. In particular dog noises, barking and growling in response to judges questions. As soon as his act began it ended, stopping very quickly by saying that’s all he got. The judges quickly buzzed him out.

Paul Staark

Paul was very promising at the start however as soon as he began he pulled out papers with his jokes on. His first joke fell so far you could hear him hit the floor.

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