Celebrity Big Brother nominations

Celebrity Big Brother nominations

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The celebrity housemates nominated for the first time tonight and they had to do it face to face. Instantly panic struck the house as nominating live usually ends ugly as housemates true opinions have to surface.Jasmine and Rhian came up short as they received the most votes and ended up being up for eviction. Prince Lorenzo nominated her for the reason for sending her back to her son who she has stated to have missed. When he tried to explain to her, she reacted with profanity telling him to f**k off. This created a lot of tension and made the other housemates feel awkward.

Danica, who also voted her, went over later in the night to explain her reasons too. The conversation didn’t last too long as Jasmine wanted to be left alone, it ended with some tension as she accused Danica of not saying what she claims to have said. Danica reacted by saying “You changed”.

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