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Dr Who The Rings of Akhenaten

Dr Who The Rings of Akhenaten

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The episode is about the Rings of Akhenaten, where worshippers sacrifice the soul of the Queen of Ages and their most precious memories to feed an alien God. The overall episode focuses on Clara’s family history beginning with a flashback of how her parents met. It is qutie a touching story really with an accidental meeting where Clara’s mum, Ellie, saves her dad from an oncoming car because he was hit in the face by a leaf. He claims the leaf is the single most important leaf in the universe because that is how they met. Quite cheesey, I know, but when you see the whole episode it begins to make sense.

When the doctor first brings Clara to Akhenaten, she is amazed by amount of aliens there are , he introduces some of the species present in a very flamboyant manner. It is quite impressive the amount of effort put into creating this scene. It does look very busy and the aliens do look very good and detailed. The money spent on the props and make-up must have been a lot, the time spent on getting costumes and make-up right must have been a lot too and the effort shows. Very impressive indeed.

Clara then meets the Queen of Ages, she first sees a little girl running in the street, looking lost and she goes to help. This is a nice characterisation moment because you see that she is a caring person from helping a random little girl she doesn’t know at all in a completely new and strange environment to her. She finds out that the little girl, who is the Queen of Ages, is scared of getting the ritual song (which she has to sing to the alien God), wrong. Clara tells her a story of when she was younger and how she got lost and was very scared as well. Her mother finds her and comforts her, telling her that whether she is she will come and find her. She remembers those lines every time she is lost and she doesn’t feel scared anymore. She tells the Queen that she doesn’t need to be scared either and that she will get it just right. You will begin to see from here why the initial family story is so important and it is nice to see them fit in this nice story of how to face your fears.

During the ceremony, the Queen does get the song wrong, and is brought to the sacred ground to have her soul eaten by the God, the doctor and Clara get a hover moped which she has to buy by trading the ring her mother gave to her (the currency on this planet is giving something most precious to you). They quickly race to her and she gets locked inside the temple. After analysing the door the doctor deducts that it responds to a frequency which changes every second. He finds the right frequency and opens the door for Clara to enter. The Queen of Ages refuses to leave because they would all have their souls eaten if she did. She binds Clara and the doctor has to lock them all in to get them all out safely. After some struggle they realise that the alien God isn’t the creature inside the temple, but Akhenaten itself. The doctor allows the God to feed on his memories so it can become full however his aren’t enough. Clara steps in and presents the leaf that hit her father, causing her parents meeting, hidden inside her favourite children’s story book. The God is then too full to eat anymore memories and explodes, allowing the worshippers to not have to give up anymore of there most precious memories. Ther doctor makes a lot of reference to the God being a parasite, feeding off the memories off the worshippers.

Overall it was a nice episode, you find out more about Clara and it was quite the test for her to give up her mothers ring. Despite losing something so precious she doesn’t spend too long on thinking about it when she has a little girl to save. Her decision is rewarded at the end because the people of Akhenaten return the ring to her in gratitude in saving them. This really shows how much of a caring person she is, selfless and willing to do what is right. It will be interesting to see what else is thrown at her in future episodes.

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