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Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 2 Review

Madison returns to school.

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The Fear the Walking Dead show continues strong as the narrative focuses on Madison, the mother of two, dealing with the realisation of the new world about to take over their lives. She is forced to make tough choices when the lives of people she knows and the ones she loves come under threat from the new and terrifying enemy, the Walkers.

We see Madison make her first direct Walker kill when she goes to the school she works at to get drugs to appease Nick’s withdrawal symptoms. She runs into Tobias and together they meet the Walker version of Arty, the school Principal/Head teacher. During the struggle, Madison grabs the fire extinguisher and mashes Arty’s head in, ending the horror that is the newly turned Walker. She’s clearly a woman that can rise to the occasion and is tough enough to brave any situation. She could eventually head down the same path that Rick is in, in the main show.

This episode had clues dropped at certain points which all add up towards the end and once you’ve seen there effects, you come to realise how it all built up to it. For example the coughing neighbour and the ones across the street setting up their child’s birthday party. They tie together for the scene at the end where Madison stops Alicia from stepping outside to help the woman from being attacked by the newly turned “coughing neighbour”. She had to make a hard choice of whether to let her daughter go outside and risk her being bitten by the Walker but save the life of their neighbour or let her be killed and protect Alicia by preventing her from leaving the house. Similar to the kind of choices you have to make in the Telltale video games of The Walking Dead.

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Madison returns to school.

Tobias stocking up on supplies.

Alicia in the streets.

Alicia in Matt's House.

Principal/Header teacher becomes a Walker.

Chris on the phone.

Ofeliah Salazar

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