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Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 4 Review

Madison hides under a car.

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This was the worst episode so far for me, very disappointing, you don’t see any Walkers for starters and not a lot has happened to further the plot to me. The army have sectioned off survivors that they have found it seems similar areas have appeared which they are calling “safe zones”. People are also being treated by a doctor and taken away to a Hospital for better treatment. So they say that is. Daniel tells a story which suggests that help is the last thing these people are getting as the same thing happened to people in his hometown. Lets just say he found them dead in the river not long after.

Madison sneaks outside the fenced off area after Chris shows her the video he took of a light in a distant house, suggesting signs of life outside the safe zone. She finds people murdered on the street by military gunfire, many of which weren’t even a Walker or sick. She is horrified by what she sees and we get a first glimpse of how much danger they are in, under the protection of the Army.

Things do happen in the episode but the fact nothing major happens is what made this episode feel like it is lacking to me. If they’d thrown in a Walker breach that may have made up for some of it at least. Don’t forget to watch the video review above!

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