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Helen Flanagan and Nadine Dorries first Bushtucker Trial

Helen Flanagan and Nadine Dorries first Bushtucker Trial

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The first Bushtucker trial of the new series began in tonights episode with Helen Flanagan and Nadine Dorries going head to head for their teams. The trial was called Bug Burial, where the Celebs have to stay in a crypt and insects are put in with them. They have to stay in for a certain amount of time and when it is up, an allen key is dropped in for them to get out of there. When they are out they have to raise their flag before their opponent in order to win. When the Celebs got in they were also bolted in, the trial ended immediately for Helen when she called out to end the trial for her. She couldn’t cope with the thought of being locked inside and was hysterial as soon as she heard the drilling sound. Nadine went on for a total of five minutes inside the crypt, she was joined by crickets and cockroaches, amongst other insects. She later revealed that the reason she called to get out was because she was being bitten by something and that she thought it was a Rat that was biting her. With both Celebs failing to complete the task, the two teams don’t get the reward. Helen and Nadine returned to their camps, when Helen revealed that she had only stay in for a very short time, Charlie Brooks privately commented that her time was a little pathetic.

There was also another won by Brian Conley and his reward was $100 Dingo dollars which he was able to spend at the shop in the Jungle. From his choice of prizes he chose hammocks for the team. David Haye later commented that he would have preferred the biscuits from Brian’s choices. Later in the episode the two teams are shown to be enjoying the time together, Helen was revealed to be quite a charming person, being described as innocent by some of the other Celebs in her team. There was also a unanimous agreement that the diet of beans and rice was terrible, Hugo Taylor dubbed them “shit beans” in remark to a question asked by one of the other Celebs as to what beans they were eating.

In the end the next two Celebs to face the Bushtucker trials tomorrow was revealed, unfortunately for both Helen and Nadine they are up once more. So far the Celebs are quite promising, Helen seems set to be the next Sunita, with her inability to cope with Jungle life and horrifying screams to the creepy-crawlies of the Australian Jungle.

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