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Helen Flanagan’s second Bushtucker trial

Helen Flanagan’s second Bushtucker trial

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Last night’s episode saw the second time Helen Flanagan and Nadine Dorries attempt the Bushtucker trial. In their first attempt Helen only lasted about two seconds in the bug burial and shouted out to be taken out of the trials. Tonight she gave a fair go, completing three of the challenges they faced. The bushtucker trial tonight involved eating various Jungle delights presented to them with a nursery rhyme, hinting at what they must eat. The delicious treats included the likes of a Spider, Fermented eggs, Camel’s toe and Ostrich’s bum. Nadine took an early lead when Helen chickened out of eating the spider, Ant and Dec humorously told Nadine to try taking off a leg to try first. It looked like Helen wasn’t going to try eating the Jungle horrors but in the third round she pulled it together and stomached a fermented egg. She went onto to try two others but eventually it came down to Nadine. All she had to do was eat the last challenge and that would mean she wins. She then went onto win food for her camp stating that she didn’t feel sorry for the other team since her and her team have been surviving on a stale diet of beans and rice.

Helen returned to her camp ecstatic, leading David to think that she had won the trial. She revealed that she had bravely tried three of the challenges, the other Celebs congratulated her on that. Later in the episode there was another challenge between David and Hugo, they had to use pieces to build handles for them to climb a wall. First one to get to the top won the challenge. They both had a slow start but David eventually went with a winning tactic and took the lead. He went onto win the challenge, earning more Dingo Dollars for his team.

This series so far looks quite promising, Helen so far has provided some entertainment but her screaming all the time at almost everything going on can get annoying at times. She is much better than Sunita from last year I must admit but if she doesn’t get it together she maybe the first one to leave.

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