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Limahl, Linda and Colin leave the I’m a Celebrity Jungle 2012

Colin Baker leaves the jungle

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Over the weekend three more celebrities have left the jungle after being voted out by the viewing public. Limahl left on Friday, followed by Linda on the saturday and now Colin left tonight.

Limahl seemed to have hit a peak in his time in the jungle since towards the end he felt excluded from the group. This came from the fact that he didn’t make any close connections with the rest of his celebrity campmates. Helen had picked up on his loneliness and asked him about it.

She later brought it up to the rest of the celebrities, prompting them to try to make him fell better. Eventually things were resolved with Limahl brought before the campmates to discuss his problem. They all gave him hugs and told him they all felt like that at one point in their lives. He left the jungle on a high after Ant and Dec announced his name.

Linda left next however it didn’t feel like she did as much as the other celebs, she kind of blended into the background quite a bit. She was praised by Charlie and she felt emotional with her departure. Whilst all this was going Ashley and David were set a task of being camp meddlers. Ashley had to wake up screaming in the middle of the night waking up several campmates and convincing them that she had seen a monster.

She had the help of David, who had to backup her claim by saying that he had seen something. He later said that he didn’t want to say he saw it exactly too, to avoid suspicion that they were working together. He was enlisted after he too was brought into this task after he was asked to steal the camp’s mirror. This turned Helen’s world upside down because earlier in the episode she had put fake tan on and she desperately needed to see her own reflection. She had put the tan on too patchy and in particular too much on her face. Giving her a much more darker appearance from the neck up compared to the rest of her body.

Colin was the next to go after a head-to-head challenge against Eric, they both had to retrieve small stars from boxes that had critters waiting inside for them. Eric breezed through it, showing little fear in what could be hiding inside the boxes. When it came down to it Eric had more stars and Colin left the jungle in defeat. In his interview with Ant and Dec he said that he wants Eric to win.

Also in the episode Hugo was brought in on the meddlers task, he had to help Ashley and David to get the rest of the celebrity campmates to dance the routine for Dontcha simultaneously. It was rather humorous to watch, with Colin and Rosemary having previously learnt the routine from Ashley it was down to getting Eric to join in. He wasn’t known for being a campmate who love to sing and dance. They had come up with the idea of putting in the incentive that if the task wasn’t completed they would not get the food.

Overall it has been an enjoyable few episodes of I’m a Celebrity, it will be exciting to see who wins and is crowned the king or queen of the jungle 2012.

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