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S.H.I.E.L.D. tv series returns for the second half of season one and it seems they have upped their game a little since the break. Episode eleven finally resolves the mystery of what happened to agent Phil Coulson after he was apparently murdered in The Avengers Assemble movie back in 2012.

If you have not seen this episode yet then I suggest that you stop reading now as anything after this point will surely spoil it for you.

Panic as Coulson is kidnapped

The episode was better than a lot of the episodes in the first-half of the season. One thing I found the others lacked was that it felt secluded. It would normally just be them on the plane. The main cast lacked enough personality to hold the screen, take agents Fitz and Simmons for example. The British comedy duel, sometimes they are okay and sometimes they just irritate me. This show doesn’t need a comedy duel to be honest, funny moments of course but a pair who constantly try to be funny when they aren’t just makes for a really good cringe. So back to the point, this episode you get their little plane invaded by teams of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents assigned to find the group responsible for Coulson’s kidnapping. Seeing the place alive and buzzing with people was what more I had imagined for the show. Not to mention it would save them a lot of money on fuel to fly around when nothing is happening… So yes it didn’t feel as boring with more people around and less of an opportunity for weird Fitz-Simmons moments.

How Coulson was kept-alive.

So as this episode reveals Nick Fury had Coulson kept alive by unorthodox and unspeakable surgery. We also got to see a graphic seen with advanced Scientific equipment picking at his brain whilst on the surgery table. This was to erase his memory of being kept alive and being in pain, begging for them to let him die already. After Coulson finds all this out he is very disturbed by this revelation. Understandably of course since this was all kept from him by powers above.


One thing that puzzles me is where did these technology come from, it does seem further advanced than anything we have seen before. You might wonder what is to stop them from keeping anyone else alive. However as the doctor who revealed all to Coulson said it was not the kind of operation he would normally do or was morally happy to do. Not to mention it would be expensive, reserved for someone like Coulson who Fury had respect for.

Character development for Melinda May and Skye

You also had some character development where agent May is asked whether she though Skye was any use to S.H.I.E.L.D. on the plane. She responded with a “No”, which really hurt Skye as she would have though May would be on her side. Later it is revealed that May said that so that Skye would be removed from the plane so she can go about tracking Coulson’s location without the watchful eye of S.H.I.E.L.D agents spying her every movement. This shows May’s trust and respect in Skye’s ability as an intelligence gatherer and analyst.

When Skye was kicked off the plane and assisted by her former team to escape the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents she was on her own and had to pull resources single-handedly. She did quite well in fact. She was able to track where the mysterious girl in a flowery dress was spending her money which brought more leads as to where there hideout was. She even had to pretend she was backed-up by a squad to get that information. So we was able to see what she was capable of beyond her normal role and that she could hack it on her own.


Overall I liked this episode, sure it still isn’t what the show should and could be but it is going in the right direction. I was also afraid that Coulson would be out of the show for a while when they drag out his kidnapping story, putting the spotlight on the rest of the cast. Which would have been terrible quite frankly. I hope they continue this and make the show more popular.

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