The Walking Dead

US Drama | AMC
Score: 10/10
The Walking Dead US TV show

Rick Grimes is an ordinary Sheriff going on his usual patrol route with his best friend Shane when he is shot by someone they are trying to arrest. He ends up in a coma and wakes up to find that the world has ended and that the walking dead now inhabit the streets. After befriending a man named Morgan who updates him on what has happened in the time he was out, Rick heads back to his old house and grabs some equipment along with his treasured family photos. He heads out onto the road to Atlanta, based on the information from Morgan that survivors were reportedly headed there for shelter. Hoping to find his wife and child there, he sets off into the unknown.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for each season

Season 1

Rick arrives at Atlanta only to run into trouble from a horde of Walkers. He is rescued by someone called Glenn he is one of the survivors originally headed to Atlanta. It is clear that Atlanta became over-run with Walkers.

Posted on: 19th February 2013

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