The Apprentice 2013 begins

The Apprentice 2013 begins

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The Apprentice 2013

The new series of The Apprentice has started on BBC1 tonight and it starts off with a trading task.

The candidates are split into two teams as usual and the boys called themselves Endeavour. The girls however go for the team name, Evolve, the reason being that they will evolve as a group.

In the girls team, Jaz steps up to the plate for being project manager and Jason does the same for the boys. They are given the task by Lord Sugar and go off to a container yard where they find trade stock they will be selling.

The girls get off to a bad start by not selling enough of their bulk of water however the boys manage to sell all theirs in one go thanks to Welshman Alex. It is revealed in his audition video that he used to be in a death-metal band.

Despite being project managed by Jason, Neil decides to take control as he thought Jason didn’t have much leadership skill. This was also shared by Alex. Jason struggles to get a word in as the other guys take charge. This prompts Kathryn Brady to say that she feels for Jason because a lot of the guys were very vocal and there was a lot of strong characters.

They make a pitch for cat litter and Zeeshaan leads the pitch however Neil constantly puts in his opinion. Kathryn then comments that Neil is such a back seat driver. The initial price that Neil set is too high and Zeeshaan wants to make a deal however Neil disagrees and tries to argue against this. Zeeshaan manages to get Neil to back down for him to close a deal selling the cat litter at about £5-£6.

As trading closes the second group of girls ask Jaz how much they sold. They tell her £272 too which they comment that it is a complete joke compared to how much they brought in. One of the girls then claim that if Jaz tries to bring any of their half of the group back into the boardroom, she will be on her immediately.

In the end the boys sold more stock and made more money so the girls of Evolve were asked to stay behind. After a grilling from Lord Sugar, Jaz chose Sophie and Uzma to stay in the boardroom. They all argued their corners with Jaz believing that she did a good job as project manager and led the team. All three of them had not sold anything during the task and Sophie got the worst of this with Lord Sugar saying that Jaz must have felt she didn’t contribute enough to have picked her. In the end Lord Sugar chose to fire Jaz. All the other candidates were ecstatic to see Sophie and Uzma return as they reflected on the whole task.

It looks like it is going to be an interesting year with all these exciting candidates. It is still early days to tell who will possibly be given the opportunity to work with Lord Sugar.

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