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The first round of nominations and who is up for eviction

The first round of nominations and who is up for eviction

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Yesterday saw the first proper nominations of this year’s Big Brother. Leading up to this there was a lot of paranoia from the housemates. Many of their actions were perceived by some housemates as trying to win votes. The announcement of Becky’s secret task did not help either with Deana feeling like she was played for a fool by her. Becky became teary of after her task was revealed and Deana quite sharply asked her why she was crying since she was’t the one made a fool of. Becky’s troubles did not end there, Lydia also kicked off with her when another housemate wanted a private chat and chose to use a blanket to cover them. She felt like they were talking about her.

The nominations

There was a quite a few housemates who received a lot of vote, in particular Chris, who mentioned on his entrance video that he would be two-faced. True to his word soon after entering the house he was already pointing out housemates he thought was sly with Luke A and some others in the smoking area. It was quite surprising that Lydia was not nominated because of her behaviour from the first week when she was really down after being put up by Deana. Added with her disagreement with Becky, things really did not seem too good for her.

Who is up for eviction this week?

It was then announced by Big Brother that Arron and Chris are up for eviction and they did not take it too well. Arron reacted by stating that he is glad he is up because he can see what the public think of him. He also expressed his joy of being put up quite a number of times after that. It was later revealed in the diary room, that he was actually worried about being put up but he wouldn’t tell the other housemates. Chris is on a downward spiral at the moment especially with arguments with other housemates about the laughing task when Scott accidentally laughs.

It will be interesting to see who goes because it does seem like Arron is the favourite at the moment. However he too has had some arguments with other housemates, like him commenting that Deana will slip up on the task because she is drinking. Deana protested that other people were drinking too so why was he singling her out. So right now it could be either one of them and it will all depend on the next two days. Avoiding arguments and kicking off would be their best bet but then things wouldn’t be interesting if they didn’t react.

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