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The Walking Dead season 4 episode 11- Inmates review

The Walking Dead season 4 episode 11- Inmates review

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Warning, review may contain spoilers for the episode. If you have not watched it, you may wish to turn back now.

Following from the last episode, which followed Rick, Carl and Michonne after the fall of the prison; this week we catch-up with Tyreese, Maggie, Glenn and Sasha. This episode also sees the return of an old friend, you’ll have to on if you want to find out who this person is!

Maggie goes looking for Glenn

To kick things off, Maggie and Sasha go looking for the bus that took the others to safety. They locate the bus, only to find it infested with Walkers. Maggie insists on searching to see if Glenn is one of those onboard. After an emotional scene where any of the Walkers that appear out of the bus could be Glenn, they manage to clear it without finding him. Which means that he was not on the bus and is not a Walker yet. It is pretty heart-breaking to watch as she terribly misses her Fiancé and it is clear from her behaviour, like giving Sasha the no-nonsense attitude when she tells her they have to stick together instead of having her run-off to find Glenn. Since they did not find him on the bus, their search continues and she must be strong in order to find the strength to keep going.

Carol returns

This was definitely a surprise for me and she showed up just in time as well. Tyreese had to leave the two little girls (or should I say Carol’s girls) on their own to go and help the people who were screaming. He left them with the care of Judith Grimes (yes she is alive, you saw an empty pram so it could have gone either way but I knew they wouldn’t write her out of the story just yet), a baby who is probably only a couple of months old, with two little girls who can barely look after themselves. There is definitely something not right about doing that and especially not in a post-zombie apocalyptic world like the one in The Walking Dead. You just wouldn’t do it. What’s even more questionable is the fact that he did so to help out complete strangers; admirable as that is, leaving three vulnerable people who really need your help to do so just isn’t justifiable in this his situation. The two girls are eventually attacked by Walkers and as one of them tries to shut the crying baby up, they close-in on them. The scene jumps back to Tyreese, and when he hears gunshots; he quickly runs back to make sure that they are okay. When he sees them they are smiling happily as Carol is revealed to have saved them from the Walkers. At this point Tyreese must be pretty relieved to have another adult come and help him look after the three children. He wasn’t doing too well at all. After the happy reunion they decide to move on and they notice a sign that tells of a possible new camp for them to join for safety.

Where did Glenn go if he wasn’t on the bus?

The viewers do not have to wait long as we get to see what happens to Glenn. It seems he fell unconscious on a roof and missed the evacuation of the prison. The last time we left-him, he was on the bus so how and why he got off is a mystery. He goes back to the cells and realises he is alone in there now. He grabs supplies, some weapons and heads out. He discovers Tara along the way and asks her to come with him to safety. After they make it out Glenn passes out and they are rescued by a new group of three people.

New characters are always exciting as you don’t know if they are good guys or bad guys straight away. You want them to be good so they can support the current cast but there’s always that question in the back of your mind, can they really be trusted?

Overall this was an okay episode. Carol coming back was certainly a nice twist, it will also be interesting to see if she will tell Tyreese that she killed the woman he loved so that they rest of the camp would not be infected. Tyreese’s reaction will also be something to watch if she does tell him the truth. Revealing the new characters right at the end was also quite the teaser; we will have to wait until the next episode to find out who they are.

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