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The Walking Dead season 4 part 2 – After review


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There are spoilers in this review, so please be warned and turn-back now if you have not seen the episode yet, Thank-you.

The Walking Dead returns to our screens today and it certainly packs a punch from the get-go. To sum up the end of last-half of the season, The Governor makes his return in a new group, and he brings them along to take the prison by storm. He plays nice at first but things go sour soon after. It all ends with Rick and his group fleeing the prison after walkers make their way in.

The episode follows Rick and Carl after they escaped the prison, the relationship between father and son is tense. With Rick injured, Carl wants to take charge but Rick is still calling the shots; which angers Carl greatly. Rick tells Carl not to fire his gun so that he can conserve ammo, but he doesn’t listen and takes out a couple of walkers. This happens a few times and the tension is very obvious between the two.

Rick dies? Carl, the man

They take refuge in a house that they find; after the night, Carl gets up and has cereal. It all seems well till he decides to go and wake Rick up, he does not respond (pictured below). This part really had me as the realisation that they killed off Rick starts to sink in. It was a real shocker because you’d think he was safe after surviving the end of the first-half of the season. Carl shouts at Rick, blaming him for the fall of the group and that he could have saved them all, but he didn’t. After a couple of times nearly falling prey to walkers and even once where he tried to bang a door down and fails miserably, he retreats to the house.


He wakes up in the middle of the night and Rick begins to stir. He quickly grabs his gun to protect himself. Despite his efforts he cannot bring himself to shoot his own father and breaks-down in tears. At this moment Rick speaks, confirming that he is not dead yet and certainly not turning into a walker anytime soon. What a roller coaster ride of an episode!? They really had me there, especially when Rick wouldn’t wake up when Carl smacked him. I think they did this to shift focus onto Carl, it certainly presented him in a new light as he had control over everything for the firs time. However he is still just a boy when it comes to it, this is evident when he could not shoot his father when he thought he was turning into a walker. It is nice to see this emotional scene and it was quite well done. Good acting and good scripted scene. Having Carl eat a tub of chocolate pudding (see image below) was also rather funny too, a nice little parallel to the tragedy that was unfolding with the faux-death of Rick.


Michonne’s past

When all that was happening with Rick and Carl, we also got to see what was going on with Michonne and how she was doing. We were given more backstory on her, like how she used to have a baby, and we got to see who the people she had as pet walkers were (see image further down). It was a little difficult to decipher what was going on with her, she had reverted back to the way of life before she met Andrea and the rest of the group. She claimed two walkers and sliced-off their arms and mouths to prevent them from attacking anyone.


She even began walking with a horde of walkers (screenshot attached further below) but that was until she lost it a little and killed all the walkers, including the two she kept on a leash. She then returned to where she spotted tracks earlier on and proceeded to follow them. I guess she missed having people around… She finds where Rick and Carl are staying, she knocks on and that’s where the episode ends.


It seems like a slow start but there’s another seven episodes to play with. With The Governor gone, we can only guess what will happen next. From the end of the episode we can only assume that Rick, Carl and Michonne will travel together for a while, at least until they meet up with the rest of the group. It will be interesting to see how these three work together. Carl had his moments with Michonne; they were bonding quite well and he was warming-up to her.

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