, | 18th January 2014

Thor 2’s Jaimie Alexander cameo in Agents of Shield

Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sir in Thor: The Dark of the World

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Earlier in the month saw the return of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and it looks like Marvel are doing all they can to help boost the ratings of their failing TV show. It has been reported that Jaimie Alexander who played Lady Sif in Thor (2011) and Thor: The Dark World (2013) will reprise her role for episode 15 of the show.

How will Lady Sif be brought into the show?

It’s quite exciting as this will be a more relevant connection to the Marvel Cinematic universe than ever before (not mentioning the last time they said an episode had connections to the films but majorly let everyone down *cough* Asgardian living on Earth *cough*). How Lady Sif will fit into the episode is currently unknown, perhaps she will be there to see Thor or she has some mission to carry out. We can only hope they do this right as it would be a very serious let-down and believe me, they have had quite a few chances so far.

More cameo roles with Stan Lee and Bill Paxton

It seems this is part of a series of attempts to increase popularity as there have been reports of Stan Lee having a cameo soon as well. Actor Bill Paxton has also been reported to have a four-part role as agent John Garrett, who has recently been promoted to level 7.

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